A secret formula based on that of Councillor of Commerce Paul Friedrich Dick, a protected manufacturing process that involved manual work – all this makes the knives of the 1778 series quite simply unique. Each finished knife is a work of art, requiring more than 45 different operations for its completion.

The core of these exceptional knives at the same time holds the secret of their quality: a thin layer of high-alloy 'Double X VG 12' carbon steel. Based on a special formula that goes back to the founder of the company, this contains ingredients like cobalt, manganese and molybdenum. The result is that all the knives of the 1778 series have an elastic and cutting core unit, coupled with an extreme degree of hardness (amounting to 61° HRc). This is a combination that not only gives you incomparably fine and even cutting, it also lengthens the service life of the cutting edge considerably. As carbon steel is liable to corrosion and is not neutral in terms of taste, the core of the knife is sandwiched in between layers of high-alloy steel.

And as is usually the case with first class products, most of the work is done by hand. The handles are made of selected plum tree wood, in virtue of which each knife is a unique specimen. Both these and the blades are manufactured step by step by specialist craftsmen, the blades being carefully sharpened and whetted. This results in quality that you can see and touch – for the whole service life of the knife.