If the word 'exclusive' had not existed, it would have been necessary to invent it for the 1893 knife series. The ultra-fine Damascus steel consists of 67 layers – just to look at it, you know that you have something unique in front of you.

In view of the different sequence of metals in the numerous FD VG10-33 steel layers, not one of these tools is like any other. A special environmentally friendly technique reveals the grain of the steel in all its beauty. Another feature that makes the 1893 series absolutely irreplaceable is the fact that the finest Damascus steel has been used even for the bolster and the end piece. This would not be possible without the help of the most modern and elaborate laser technology.

As well as the steel body, the handle too is a masterpiece of the craft of knife-making. It is held exactly in position by means of a built-in spring, is absolutely water-tight and firm in the hand, does not exude moisture and conforms to the highest hygienic standards. The high-tech material is not glued or riveted, but formed layer by layer. The result is a surface that gives the impression of leather, and rests softly and flexibly in the hand. The name of the series is imprinted on the blade by a patented method, and looks like a watermark. This gives the knife the final optical touch.