Needle files

DICK Needle files are recommended for steel, steel alloys, soft metals and finishing work. These thin and pointed files have
a round handle, sharp edges and points. Length A = Total length

Sets of needle files in wallet, 12 pieces

Sets of needle files in wallet, 12 pieces
Item No.lengthpackaging
210010204 "set
210014205 1/2 "set
210016206 1/2 "set
210018207 "set
210020208 "set

Sets of needle files in plastic box, 12 pieces

Sets of needle files in plastic box, 12 pieces
Item No.lengthpackaging
210114205 1/2 "set
210116206 1/2 "set


Item No.shapelengthpackaging
21021010Barette4 "box
21021020Barette4 "box
21021030Barette4 "box
21021040Barette4 "box
21021410Barette5 1/2 "box
21021420Barette5 1/2 "box
21021430Barette5 1/2 "box
21021440Barette5 1/2 "box
21021600Barette6 1/2 "box
21021610Barette6 1/2 "box
21021620Barette6 1/2 "box
21021630Barette6 1/2 "box
21021640Barette6 1/2 "box
21021650Barette6 1/2 "box
21021810Barette7 "box
21021820Barette7 "box
21021830Barette7 "box
21022000Barette8 "box
21022010Barette8 "box
21022020Barette8 "box
21022030Barette8 "box
21022040Barette8 "box
21022050Barette8 "box


Item No.shapelengthpackaging
21121010Hand4 "box
21121020Hand4 "box
21121030Hand4 "box
21121040Hand4 "box
21121410Hand5 1/2 "box
21121420Hand5 1/2 "box
21121430Hand5 1/2 "box
21121440Hand5 1/2 "box
21121450Hand5 1/2 "box
21121600Hand6 1/2 "box
21121610Hand6 1/2 "box
21121620Hand6 1/2 "box
21121630Hand6 1/2 "box
21121640Hand6 1/2 "box
21121650Hand6 1/2 "box
21121800Hand7 "box
21121810Hand7 "box
21121820Hand7 "box
21121830Hand7 "box
21121840Hand7 "box
21122000Hand8 "box
21122010Hand8 "box
21122020Hand8 "box
21122030Hand8 "box
21122040Hand8 "box
21122050Hand8 "box

Hand with rounded edges

Hand with rounded edges
Item No.shapelengthpackaging
21131020Hand4 "box
21131410Hand5 1/2 "box
21131430Hand5 1/2 "box
21131610Hand6 1/2 "box
21131620Hand6 1/2 "box
21131630Hand6 1/2 "box
21131650Hand6 1/2 "box
21131820Hand7 "box
21132010Hand8 "box
21132020Hand8 "box
21132030Hand8 "box


Item No.shapelengthpackaging
21221010Warding4 "box
21221020Warding4 "box
21221420Warding5 1/2 "box
21221430Warding5 1/2 "box
21221600Warding6 1/2 "box
21221610Warding6 1/2 "box
21221620Warding6 1/2 "box
21221630Warding6 1/2 "box
21221640Warding6 1/2 "box
21221650Warding6 1/2 "box
21221810Warding7 "box
21221820Warding7 "box
21221830Warding7 "box
21222010Warding8 "box
21222020Warding8 "box
21222030Warding8 "box


Item No.shapelengthpackaging
21231020Warding4 "box


Item No.shapelengthpackaging
21231410Warding5 1/2 "box
21231430Warding5 1/2 "box
21231610Warding6 1/2 "box
21231620Warding6 1/2 "box
21231630Warding6 1/2 "box
21231650Warding6 1/2 "box
21231820Warding7 "box
21232020Warding8 "box


Item No.shapelengthpackaging
21321010Threesquare4 "box
21321020Threesquare4 "box
21321030Threesquare4 "box
21321040Threesquare4 "box
21321410Threesquare5 1/2 "box
21321420Threesquare5 1/2 "box
21321430Threesquare5 1/2 "box
21321440Threesquare5 1/2 "box
21321450Threesquare5 1/2 "box
21321610Threesquare6 1/2 "box
21321620Threesquare6 1/2 "box
21321630Threesquare6 1/2 "box
21321640Threesquare6 1/2 "box
21321650Threesquare6 1/2 "box
21321800Threesquare7 "box
21321810Threesquare7 "box
21321820Threesquare7 "box
21321830Threesquare7 "box
21321840Threesquare7 "box
21321850Threesquare7 "box
21322000Threesquare8 "box
21322010Threesquare8 "box
21322020Threesquare8 "box
21322030Threesquare8 "box
21322040Threesquare8 "box
21322050Threesquare8 "box


Item No.shapelengthpackaging
21421010Square4 "box
21421020Square4 "box
21421030Square4 "box
21421040Square4 "box
21421410Square5 1/2 "box
21421420Square5 1/2 "box
21421430Square5 1/2 "box
21421440Square5 1/2 "box
21421600Square6 1/2 "box
21421610Square6 1/2 "box
21421620Square6 1/2 "box
21421630Square6 1/2 "box
21421640Square6 1/2 "box
21421650Square6 1/2 "box
21421800Square7 "box
21421810Square7 "box
21421820Square7 "box
21421830Square7 "box
21422000Square8 "box
21422010Square8 "box
21422020Square8 "box
21422030Square8 "box
21422040Square8 "box


Item No.shapelengthpackaging
21521010Halfround4 "box
21521020Halfround4 "box
21521030Halfround4 "box
21521040Halfround4 "box
21521410Halfround5 1/2 "box
21521420Halfround5 1/2 "box
21521430Halfround5 1/2 "box
21521440Halfround5 1/2 "box
21521450Halfround5 1/2 "box
21521600Halfround6 1/2 "box
21521610Halfround6 1/2 "box
21521620Halfround6 1/2 "box
21521630Halfround6 1/2 "box
21521640Halfround6 1/2 "box
21521650Halfround6 1/2 "box
21521800Halfround7 "box
21521810Halfround7 "box
21521820Halfround7 "box
21521830Halfround7 "box
21521840Halfround7 "box
21522000Halfround8 "box
21522010Halfround8 "box
21522020Halfround8 "box
21522030Halfround8 "box
21522040Halfround8 "box
21522050Halfround8 "box


Item No.shapelengthpackaging
21621010Round4 "box
21621020Round4 "box
21621030Round4 "box
21621040Round4 "box
21621400Round5 1/2 "box
21621410Round5 1/2 "box
21621420Round5 1/2 "box
21621430Round5 1/2 "box
21621440Round5 1/2 "box
21621450Round5 1/2 "box
21621600Round6 1/2 "box
21621610Round6 1/2 "box
21621620Round6 1/2 "box
21621630Round6 1/2 "box
21621640Round6 1/2 "box
21621650Round6 1/2 "box
21621800Round7 "box
21621810Round7 "box
21621820Round7 "box
21621830Round7 "box
21622000Round8 "box
21622010Round8 "box
21622020Round8 "box
21622030Round8 "box
21622040Round8 "box
21622050Round8 "box

Round, thin

Round, thin
Item No.shapelengthpackaging
21671010Round4 "box
21671030Round4 "box

Round, extra thin

Round, extra thin
Item No.shapelengthpackaging
21681010Round4 "box
21681020Round4 "box
21681030Round4 "box


Item No.shapelengthpackaging
21721010Knife4 "box
21721020Knife4 "box
21721030Knife4 "box
21721410Knife5 1/2 "box
21721420Knife5 1/2 "box
21721430Knife5 1/2 "box
21721440Knife5 1/2 "box
21721600Knife6 1/2 "box
21721610Knife6 1/2 "box
21721620Knife6 1/2 "box
21721630Knife6 1/2 "box
21721640Knife6 1/2 "box
21721650Knife6 1/2 "box
21721800Knife7 "box
21721810Knife7 "box
21721820Knife7 "box
21721830Knife7 "box
21722000Knife8 "box
21722010Knife8 "box
21722020Knife8 "box
21722030Knife8 "box


Item No.shapelengthpackaging
21821020Slitting4 "box
21821410Slitting5 1/2 "box
21821420Slitting5 1/2 "box
21821430Slitting5 1/2 "box
21821610Slitting6 1/2 "box
21821620Slitting6 1/2 "box
21821630Slitting6 1/2 "box
21821650Slitting6 1/2 "box


Item No.shapelengthpackaging
21921020Crossing4 "box
21921030Crossing4 "box
21921410Crossing5 1/2 "box
21921420Crossing5 1/2 "box
21921430Crossing5 1/2 "box
21921610Crossing6 1/2 "box
21921620Crossing6 1/2 "box
21921630Crossing6 1/2 "box
21921650Crossing6 1/2 "box
21921810Crossing7 "box
21921820Crossing7 "box
21921830Crossing7 "box
21922000Crossing8 "box
21922010Crossing8 "box
21922020Crossing8 "box
21922030Crossing8 "box

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