Rasps for pattern makers

DICK Rasps for Pattern Makers differ from our standard rasps by more precise manufacturing and extra fine rasp cuts.
The point-shaped teeth are irregularly placed, which gives a similar result as hand-cut rasps. It will leave an even surface, combined
with a longer lasting cutting of a machine cut. We offer also a further quality with our »DICK Historic « which have exceedingly
fine cuts and points. Length = Cut length.


Item No.shapelengthsectionCutpackagingunit
15121550Hand6 "15,5 x 3,5 mm5box10
15122050Hand8 "19,3 x 4,5 mm5box10


Item No.shapelengthsectionCutpackagingunit
15520950Halfround6 "9 x 3,57 mm5box10
15521250Halfround6 "12,3 x 4,68 mm5box10
15521650Halfround6 "15,1 x 4,5 mm5box10
15522050Halfround8 "20 x 5,85 mm5box10
15522550Halfround10 "25,2 x 7,25 mm5box10

Cabinet rasp

Cabinet rasp
Item No.shapelengthsectionCutpackagingunit
15581550Cabinet6 "22 x 3,8 mm5box10
15582020Cabinet8 "25 x 4,4 mm2box10
15582030Cabinet8 "25 x 4,4 mm3box10
15582050Cabinet8 "25 x 4,4 mm5box10
15582520Cabinet10 "29 x 5,1 mm2box10
15582530Cabinet10 "29 x 5,1 mm3box10
15582550Cabinet10 "29 x 5,1 mm5box10
15583020Cabinet12 "33 x 5,7 mm2box10
15583030Cabinet12 "33 x 5,7 mm3box10
15583050Cabinet12 "33 x 5,7 mm5box10


Item No.shapelengthdiameterCutpackagingunit
15621550Round6 "6 mm5box10
15622050Round8 "7,5 mm5box10

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