Quality knives for quality chefs

“The art of cuisine lies in the preparation&” Wolfram Siebeck 

Wolfram Siebeck on special features of quality craftsmanship in the kitchen:
"No sensible person would go for treatment to a dentist who looked after teeth using pliers and a tin opener. The right tools, as every patient knows, saves a lot of pain and a lot of costs, they can even turn work into pleasure – apart from at the dentist’s, that is. For work in the kitchen at any rate, one thing is very clear: a good knife halves the effort in preparing food; a first-class knife turns both the professional and the amateur chef into something of a magician – someone who can manage everything with amazing deftness of hand. When the knife slides through a piece of meat as if it were butter; when the tomato no longer leaps disobediently over the table and when the onion opens itself to each cut of the blade with ease – the true cook then knows that he or she is holding just the right utensil – the best knife for the job. And just as the connoisseur of good wines selects a differently shaped glass for different wines in order to obtain the optimum taste, the good cook will just as carefully select the right knife for each foodstuff and for each job. It goes without saying for all cooks who believe in quality that this knife has to be a hand-forged tool. If he also believes that even tools and utensils can be beautiful, then sooner or later he will take a DICK Premier Plus knife in his hand. Then he will know: this is a top-of-the-line kitchen tool and a product of the fine tradition of German craftsmanship".

(Wolfram Siebeck, famous German restaurant critic and gourmet hobby chef)

You can download the complete "Knife Manual" PDF file here