From the smithery to the kitchen

All DICK products are manufactured according to traditional methods and by the most sophisticated production processes. Our knives are meant to give many years of service to the user. That means they have been well planned and designed down to the smallest detail. Approximately 45 different production steps are required for each knife. The knives are forged from a solid piece of chromium-molybdenum steel, with the blades being specially hardened to at least 56 Rockwell. Great care and precision in the most important production processes, such as grinding and hardening, the quality control, as well as the steel alloys, lead to the high quality of our knives.

The most important manufacturing steps are:

1. Blank
2. Forged blank
3. Blank hardened with protective gas at over 1000° C (1850° F)
4. Precision ground blade
5. Rivets applied, injection moulded handle
6. Handle, bolster and cutting edge ground
7. Etching, finish of the edge and quality control