The Sharpening Steel

Good quality tools require care and must be regularly sharpened. Through constant contact with the food or the cutting board, even the best knife will in time loose its sharpness. A good sharpening tool should therefore always be available in every kitchen, because only cooking with sharp knives will really be fun.

DICK titan > Prod. No. 7 9103 30 Recommended by the international gourmet journal "Der Feinschmecker" (March 2004)

Correct use of the sharpening steel: To sharpen the knife, draw the cutting edge several times alternately from the left and right along the entire length of the sharpening steel, ensuring the same number of strokes on both sides. Move the edge along the sharpening steel at an angle of 15 – 20°.

Rapid Steel Action – the sharpening alternative: Draw the knife with slight pressure quickly and in a curved stroke through the gap in the middle of the sharpening unit. Repeat several times - you will have a sharp knife with a perfectly formed angle. Simple and safe sharpening which provides the ideal cutting edge.