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Catalogue for Dealers

Catalogue for Dealers 2015/2016: Knives, Ancillary Items, Sharpening Steel and Maschines

Knives Brochures

1778 - Our Precious
1893 - Our Aesthetic
1905 - Our Exclusive
Red Spirit - Our Inspiring
Cooking at the highest standard
Starter Sets and Chef's Sets for Professionals
F. Dick Knife Collections
Sharp promational ideas
Premium chef’s knives and ancillary items for chefs (dt./engl.)
Knives and steels for butchers (dt./engl.)
Premier WORLDCHEFS - Our brilliants
Chef’s knives and kitchen utensils
Superior & ProDynamic
Chef Sets & Roll Bags
Grinding machines and Sausage Fillers

Product Sheets - Knives and Tools

Blank Boy
- Cleaning of cutting boards
Knife Block 4 Knives
- destinct design, sophisticated function, intelligent transport solution
Knife Block 4 Knives XL
- destinct design, sophisticated function, more space
Backpack Academy
Cutting Board
- in HACCP colours
DetectoGrip and Detecto Steel
ExpertGrip 2K
- the special tool for professionals
- Anti-bacterial and without compromise
- The special boning knife
- Protection for professionals
Stunning Device for Large Poultry BTG
Brine injector

Product Sheets - Sharpening Steels and Alternatives

diamond & ceramic
- the successful steels
DICKORON hygienic - special sharpening steels when intensive cleaning porcedures are necessary
Rapid Steel action
- sharpening as on a steel
Rapid Steel polish and HyperDrill
Magento Steel HyperDrill & polish
- the reinterpretation of resharpening
Silver Steel HyperDrill
- the innovation made from stainless steel

Product Sheets Machines

RS-75 & RS-150 Duo
Fast sharpening (and honing)
Lamellar grinding machine SM-90
Belt grinder SM-100
SM-140 UltraSharp
Professional grinding, honing (and polishing)
SM 160 T
The universal grinding machine
- for sickle and straight blades
SM 200 TE
The sharpening machine for professional grinding of cutter and circular knives
- The grinding machine for mincer knives and plates
Sausage filler
- developed for the easy production of all kinds of sausages