22. juillet 2015 - Colourful variety for the kitchen!

The tried-and-tested kitchen helpers from the ProDynamic series are available starting immediately in many different colours.

Bright colours brighten up the mood! Just in time for summer, Friedr. Dick is bringing colour to the kitchen! The tried-and-tested kitchen helpers from the ProDynamic series are available starting immediately in many different colours. Simply choose your kitchen knife in your favourite colour – or combine different knives for a mixture of colours.

Whether for breakfast, for a picnic, or a barbecue: high-quality kitchen knives are an absolute must! Friedr. Dick has a variety of small kitchen knives in its knife range - the right knife for every purpose.

Our ProDynamic series

11. juin 2015 - For real F. Dick fans!

Our fan shop is online! Check out

We now offer a fan shop for all F.Dick fans. You will not just find classic fan products there, like mugs or umbrellas, but also a range of fan clothing. Have fun!

26. mai 2015 - Our RFID system

RFID system: Winner of two awards - Confirmed as an innovative and ground-breaking solution. More information:

The coveted industry prize, the Fleischerei Technik Award, has been awarded for the third time by the trade magazines Fleischerei Technik and Fleischer Handwerk. As in the past, ground-breaking developments and outstanding innovations were honoured with the award. When it came to choosing their winners, the jury of experts, made up of scientists and editorial staff, were looking for factors such as quality improvements, cost reductions, sustainability and efficient process design. From the large number of entries, the top innovations were grouped under eight categories. With their RFID system, Friedr.Dick was awarded the Fleischerei Technik Award in the "Quality Management" category.

Since 2006, the Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH and the Initiative Mittelstand have been awarding the INDUSTRIEPREIS annually to the best and the most progressive industrial companies. The award enjoys a very high reputation, thanks to its large and top class jury of experts, made up of professors, scientists, representatives from industry and specialist journalists. The products and solutions that are submitted are evaluated by the jury according to a defined number of criteria. These include the innovation factor (newness, product maturity and forward-looking characteristics), the benefits (identifiable benefits, contribution to profitability, efficiency increases) and its suitability for the Mittelstand (relevance, practicability, implementation). Decisive criteria for the jury's decision are the economic, social, ecological or technological benefits. The RFID system convinced the jury in the "IT & software solution" category and is ranked amongst the best of the INDUSTRIEPREIS 2015.

Quality and safety, including the traceability of tools, are of great significance in the food processing industry. It is important to be able to assign tools uniquely to persons and to departments and to be able to provide complete traceability and seamless monitoring under operating conditions. Through its subsidiary RFIDICK GmbH , Friedr. Dick offers a complete system of hardware, software and tools for the seamless and fully automated traceability of the deployed tools and quality guideline documentation. The RFID system breaks down into three components:

Tool management: The seamless monitoring of tools and accurate assignment to persons, groups and departments is guaranteed with the MasterGrip RFID and ExpertGrip RFID knife series as well as with various sharpening steels and protective articles that have an integrated RFID transponder. An RFID reader has no problem with the rapid scanning of several knives and tools at the same time.

Tool tracking: User-defined checking stations equipped with RFID readers can be deployed on a modular basis. At a glance, the user can see which tools were issued to which employees or departments as well as which tools were left at the workplace at the end of the shift or may have been swapped.

Quality management: The powerful "Knifeinspector" software delivers various statistics and reports and ensures process optimisation and transparency of operation. Employees' awareness levels are raised, pilferage rates are reduced and workplace safety levels go up. Cases of damage that can lead to the loss of a complete production run or to equipment damage are reduced to a large extent.

For further information see:

02. avril 2015 - The Asian classic Yanagiba and Tanto complete the Red Spirit Series!

NEW! Tanto and Yanagiba for everyone looking for the extraordinary!

When considering the Red Spirit Series the product designers at Friedr.Dick were inspired by Asian craftsmanship and developed an Asian-style series, “Made in Germany”. Produced with German precision and traditional manufacturing methods using state of the art production technology, “Red Spirit” has successfully established itself in the commercial marketplace. Now the series is complemented by two additional Asian classics: the Yanagiba and the Tanto.

The Yanagiba is also designated as a sushi knife in Asian regions and is used for filleting both fish and meat. Its name comes from the shape of the blade, which is inspired by the fine leaves of the willow tree - called Yanagi in Japanese. The one-sided edge and the special geometrical cutting edge give the knife its outstanding sharpness.

The Tanto is the Japanese name for a short sword, which originates from traditional Asian and Japanese martial arts. Friedr. Dick has expanded upon the unique shape of the blade enhancing even further developments to the characteristics of this style of knife. The result is an extraordinary knife for cutting meat and vegetables. The two phases of the cutting edge give the Tanto its impressive look and outstanding sharpness. This has already been confirmed by the nomination for the German Design Award 2016.

05. mars 2015 - Premier Plus Chef's Knife rated "good" (1,9)

Stiftung Warentest tests our Premier Plus Chef's Knife and is convinced!

A total of 20 knives from the categories of "Classic Chef's Knife", "Santoku Knife" and "Ceramic Knife" were examined carefully by the testers at Stiftung Warentest. A variety of foods were cut in order to simulate the real conditions in professional and consumer’s kitchens: Tomatoes, carrots, celery root, pineapple, mangos, various herbs, hazelnuts and braised pork loins.

In addition to the cutting test the technical details of the knives were also evaluated. The basis for the tests are today’s current DIN-standards for cutlery. The ergonomics, cleaning effort, durability and general features of the knives were also rated in addition to sharpness and cutting quality. Does the knife fit well in your hand? Are there gaps between the blade and the handle that will allow the purge from food items as well as food contaminants to possibly penetrate into the handle? Is the knife’s blade sharp and how long does it stay sharp?

The knife's cutting performance was awarded the highest achievable grade of 60% in the Stiftung Warentest test rating. Both the sharpness and cutting quality as well as the ergonomicswere pronounced as significant. The knifes durability is integrated in the overall rating receiving a score of 30%. This includes, remove for instance, the edge retention of the blade, the resistance of the blade against cracks and the breaking strength of the blade. The cleaning characteristics of the knife is the third criteria that is rated by the testers and is integrated in the test rating with 10%. The cleaning-friendly workmanship as well as the required manual cleaning effort is tested in this category.

Stiftung Warentest's concluding decision was that "Chef's knives belong in every kitchen".In summarizing the maintenance and regular re-sharpening of the blade is also a key factor that the consumer organisation wants every hobby chef to consider on a consistent and regular basis.

Our 21 cm Chef's Knife from the forged Premier Plus series was a winner in all areas and was given a rating of "good" (1.9) by the testers.

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