Third Course

Orange Cake, Yuzu Sorbet, White Chocolate Gelee and Citrus Salad

Yield: 110 Plated Desserts

Orange Cake:

Part One:
1.8L Orange Juice
110g Sugar
80g Cake Flour
200g Whole Egg

1. Reduce the orange juice to 90ml in a pot.
2. Add the rest of ingredients to cook until a custard state is obtained

Part Two:
630g Unsalted Butter
630g Icing Sugar
20g Orange Zest
750g Whole Eggs
630g Almond Flour
120g Cake Flour
1.4kg Orange Custard

1. Cream the Butter with Icing Sugar until light and fluffy
2. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well, being careful not to over mix
3. Pipe onto a Flexipan Mould and Bake at 325F for approximately 20 minutes

Blood Orange Sphere
1kg Blood Orange Puree
200g Grand Marnier
24g Calcium Gluconate
5kg Water
150g Fruit Pectin

1. Bring the Water and Fruit Pectin to a boil
2. Pour into a bowl and allow to cool
3. Blend in the Blood Orange Puree, Grand Marnier and Calcium Gluconate with an immersion blender
4. Set aside for 15 minutes
5. Fill a bowl with cold water
6. Spoon 10ml of the Blood Orange mixture and drop into the Pectin Solution
7. Let sit for a few seconds and using a slotted spoon, remove the sphere
8. Gently rinse in the cold water
9. Remove from water and keep in warm vanilla syrup until ready to serve

Vanilla Syrup
10 Vanilla Bean
3kg Sugar
3kg Water

1. Bring scraped vanilla seeds, sugar and water to boil
2. Cool, then store in an air tight container

Ivory Chocolate Gelee
1.25kg Ivory Chocolate
1.5kg Heavy Cream
1.25kg Mascarpone Cheese
80 g Agar agar
240g (1:4) Soaked Gelatine (powder and water)

1. Bring Heavy Cream, Mascarpone, and Agar-agar to a boil
2. Pour Hot Cream onto Chopped Chocolate and mix well to obtain an Ivory Ganache
3. Add soaked gelatine
4. Pour and level on a 6” X 14” plastic tray
5. Keep refrigerated

Citrus Salad
800g Pomelo
1kg Simple Syrup
100g Lemon Juice
50g Fresh Mint Leaves

1. Segment (no seeds or white) the pomelo and place them with syrup in an electronic blender
2. Just make one quick touch to the ON button.
3. “Magic…” all of the pulp from the pomelo separated one by one without breakage
4. Blanch the Mint leaves for a few seconds and immediately plunge in an ice bath
5. Chop the mint leaves and toss them with the pomelo pulp and lemon juice

Yuzu Sorbet
1.25L Water
750g Sugar
500g Glucose
500g Yuzu Puree
750ml Yuzu Juice
1.5L Water

1. Heat first part of water with sugar and glucose until sugar dissolved
2. Add cold Yuzu Puree and second part of water
3. Chill and Churn according to machine instructions

Sable Dough
1.12kg Cold Unsalted Butter
300g Icing Sugar
1.12kg Cake Flour
420g Bread Flour
30g Orange Zest
10 Vanilla Bean
To Taste Cinnamon Ground
10 Egg Yolk

1. Blend all of the ingredients except yolk to streusel stage
2. Add yolk to form dough
3. Roll the dough to 5mm thick and cut with a quenelle cutter
4. Egg wash and bake @ 350F or approximately 12 minutes

Vanilla Caramel Spirals
2.5kg Sugar
750g Water
10 Vanilla Bean

1. Cook the sugar and water to caramel stage
2. Add scraped vanilla seeds
3. Pour over a Silicone Sheet and let cool slightly
4. Using pull sugar technique, make the sugar garnish

Caramel Soil
500g Hot Vanilla Caramel
150g Soft Butter

1. Stir hot caramel with butter well
2. Pour thinly on silicone sheet and let cool completely
3. Break caramel in to soil size with the side of a French knife
4. Keep in an air tight container

Ice Wine Foam
1L Ice Wine
20g Gelatine Powder

1. Mix Gelatine in wine and let stand for 5 minutes
2. Slightly warm up Wine mixture and then cool to room temperature
3. Create foam with a hand blender

Ivory Chocolate Sugar Cigarette
1kg Fondant
650g Glucose
650g Ivory Chocolate

1. Heat the fondant and glucose to 160c
2. Add the Chopped chocolate and mix to make a homogeneous mixture
3. Pour onto a silicone sheet and cool
4. Heat a piece between two silicone sheets and roll it out very thin
5. Cut it on paper and cut small rectangles to make thin cigarettes with a wood cylinder
6. Store them in an airtight container
7. Just before serving fill each cigarette with Grand Marnier Cream

Grand Marnier Cream
1L Whipping Cream
30g Sugar
50ml Grand Marnier

1. Whip the cream with sugar to soft peak stage
2. Add Grand Marnier and mix well
3. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve

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