The past and the future. New times create new demands

Company History:

1778 Johann Friedrich Dick founded a file manufacturing workshop in Esslingen.

1873 Paul Friedrich Dick took over the company. Start of sharpening steel production.

1878 Construction of a small factory in Esslingen, 20 employees, first file production machine.

1889 Move to the new plant in Esslingen, Kollwitz-/Fleischmannstrasse, 100 employees. Production of complete file programme from the smallest watchmakers file to the largest square file (over 45 cm in length), start of the manufacture of additional special tools, butcher knives and cleavers.

1893 World Exposition in Chicago, worldwide recognition of Friedr. Dick's programme.

1904 World Exposition in St. Louis, U.S.A.

1924 Founding of the Wilh. Meeh GmbH, Wiernsheim. Production of metal circular saws.

1950 Founding of the Kommerzienrat-Paul-Dick-Pension Fund.

1977 Founding of the branch in Bayreuth (manufacture of knives).

1988 Establishment of a distribution warehouse in Birmingham, England.

1989 Wilhelm Leuze, great nephew of the Kommerzienrat Paul F. Dick, took over the company as new president.

1991 Founding of the French sales company F.Dick S.A.R.L., France.

1992 Founding of the USA sales company Friedr. Dick Corp., U.S.A. .

1992 Acquisition of the circular knife factory von den Steinen in Remscheid.

1993 Cooperation with UMV, Switzerland. Movement of the production of Dick files to a Swiss Establishment

1994 Sales office Lainate/Milan, Italy. Acquisition of real estate Esslingen-Zell, expansion for Mercedes-Benz Lenkungen AG.

1996 Acquisition of an industrial property in Deizisau.

1997 Administration and production moved from Esslingen to Deizisau.

1998 New construction and leasing for BURGER KING, Deizisau.

1999 Eco-certificate according to E.U. Eco-Assessment Regulation.

2000 New construction in Esslingen/Zell for Mercedes-Benz Lenkungen AG. Founding of second subsidiary U.S.A., Arrow Brand Realty.

2001 Acquisition of POTT company, Solingen (Germany): premium silverware and accessories made of stainless steel and silver for fine dining

2002 Founding of Spontan_WRT GmbH, Remscheid

2006 Sale of POTT company, Solingen (Germany): premium silverware and accessories made of stainless steel and silver for fine dining