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Pink Spirit - Friedr. Dick

Pink Spirit


The year 2020 turned our world upside down. But this year has once again shown us that new ideas can be born when things come to a standstill. Friedr. Dick has been inspired to bring colour to the world. The new F. DICK Pink Spirit series has been created. Pink Spirit stands for radiant optimism, friendliness and empathy. These qualities are a constant companion in life, as well as in cooking. During some of the dreariest times, a bright pink can bring new optimism. Even in feng shui philosophy, this colour has positive character traits – pink is even said to counteract stress.

All the quality features of the popular Spirit series have also been adopted again here. Just like the already familiar bestseller, the Red Spirit series, the Pink Spirit is also uncompromising in terms of sharpness. All blades are ground extremely thin and due to the polished cutting edge, the knife slides easily through the food being cut. The cut is precise and clean. The handle and its colour are the distinguishing feature of this series. The familiar round, typically Asian handle sits perfectly and comfortably in your hand and meets all the ergonomic requirements of a knife for professional chefs and ambitious home cooks.

Pink Spirit Paring Knife
Blade lenght: 9 cm

Onions, mushrooms and herbs – small, fine and easy to handle: The Pink Spirit series paring knife is a secret favourite in any kitchen. A delight in the hand. After all, nearly all peeling work, small cutting tasks and garnishing can be performed effortlessly with this type of knife.

Pink Spirit Santoku, Kullenschliff
Blade length: 18 cm

Cooking without a Santoku knife – this is no longer conceivable for professionals. The classic knife from Asian cuisine has long since become the standard here as well. Cutting, chopping and garnishing – all this is no problem. The Santoku knife in the Pink Spirit series has a typically thin blade with a V-shaped edge, as well as a pointed blade end for perfect garnishing. The Kullenschliff creates air cushions that reduce the amount of food that sticks to the blade.

Pink Spirit Chef's Knife
Blade length: 21 cm

THE all-rounder in professional kitchens – the chef’s knife. Everyone has it and everyone loves it. The classic knife is always and frequently in use because it is simple and versatile to use for cutting and chopping tasks. At Friedr. Dick, we recommend the chef's knife in the Pink Spirit series for cutting herbs and vegetables, but also for slicing and chopping meat and fish. Our curved cutting edge makes "pinch" cuts easy.

Pink Spirit Bread Knife
Blade length: 26 cm

Hard crumbs and fluffy sour dough – the bread knife is not a luxury but a cultural asset for us in Germany. If we as the “King of the Crust” cannot make bread knives, then who can. The jagged, serrated edge distinguishes our bread knife in the Pink Spirit series. Whether tender wheat bread or crusty rye bread, our bread knife effortlessly conjures up neat slices cut after cut. The bread knife also cuts hard-shelled fruit and vegetables precisely and cleanly, such as pumpkin, cabbage or quince.

Pink Spirit Set
Paring Knife + Santoku

An all-rounder and favourite in a set. The Santoku Asian classic with a Kullenschliff (18 cm long) and the small, fine paring knife (12 cm long blade) from the Pink Spirit series set the mood for a new emotional cooking culture. Once Pink Spirit, always Pink Spirit. You can go on a journey of discovery into the emotional side of cooking with the two knives.

Pink Spirit 4Knives Knife Block Set
incl. Paring Knife, Santoku, Chef's Knife and Bread Knife

The 4Knives knife block is familiar and yet new. The stylish acrylic knife block, supplied with the Pink Spirit basic range (paring knife, Santoku, chef's knife and bread knife) is available immediately and only in an elegant white colour in the Pink Spirit series. A magnetic rail fixes the knife blades in place and safely protects the sharp kitchen aids. The knife block can be disassembled for safe transport and easy cleaning.

Friedr. Dick is supporting Pink Ribbon Germany

As part of the product launch of the Pink Spirit series, Friedr. Dick has decided to support the German breast cancer organisation “Pink Ribbon Germany”. This year, 2 euros will be donated for every individual knife sold, 4 euros for every set and actually 10 euros for every knife block supplied complete with knives. More information about Pink Ribbon Germany and its breast cancer awareness campaign can be found at www.pinkribbon-deutschland.de.