HACCP - Hygiene made easy

An important module in implementing the HACCP concept!

Since January 2006 there is a uniformed code for food safety and hygiene throughout Europe. The main concern of this regulation is to guarantee uniform hygiene standards in the European Union with the aim of assuring that foods do not pose a health hazard.

The basic principles of the food hygiene requirements are: Compliance of basic food hygiene in conjunction with safe food handling, individual operational control concepts and product liability. For food hygiene this means that i.e. so-called clean and unclean working areas are separated or a distinction has to be made between various foods.

HACCP means that hazards are analysed and counter-measures taken (HACCP = Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).  Deemed as a hazard is unacceptable contamination of food, which means an unreasonable risk for the consumer. Here, in particular, special importance is placed on preventive measures. Proof of these individual control measures must be provided by the companies to the supervisory authorities.

A perfect example can be the contamination of fresh salad through salmonella from poultry (cross-contamination). When cutting raw poultry there is a risk that salmonella will adhere to the knife blades. If the same knife is subsequently used to cut salad, the salmonella can be transmitted and thus also be passed onto humans. Friedr. Dick has already offered corresponding products in its programme for a long time in order to prevent these hazards.

Only cooking knives with coloured handles enable a clear seperation of the foods which have been processed, thus preventing cross-contamination. An internationally accepted colour concept was developed for the high risk categories:

Moreover, the knives are especially hygienic through the perfect connection between the molded handle and the steel of the knife. This way no contamination can penetrate any gaps.  The user could obtain all types of knives in the various colours, however this would not be considered useful for reasons of costs and space. Therefore, Friedr. Dick offers a clear, competent selection of the actually required knives and tools. This task was fulfilled together with significant training centres. The selected program is clear and allows everyone to implement the requirements of the HACCP concept.

The forged HACCP knives from Friedr. Dick do not just solve problems, but are perfect tools thanks to the Premier Plus features:

1. Perfect volume and shape of the handle
2. Effortless cutting blade thanks to the polished edge
3. Comfortable grip
4. Perfectly balanced

As a leading system supplier, Friedr. Dick offers a reasonably-priced alternative with the coloured knives from the ProDynamic series. In addition, coloured plastic cutting boards are available in two sizes in the program as well.