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Knife care: helpful tips from Friedr. Dick - Friedr. Dick
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Knife Care

Useful tips: Taking care of your chef's knives guarantees that they have a long service life and that you enjoy cooking. Knives are sharpened with a thin cutting edge and must only be used for cutting and not chopping. Please only use a cleaver for bones or similar products. We recommend using wooden or plastic cutting boards. Knives can become blunt very quickly if used on a hard cutting board made of glass, marble or granite, for example.

Cleaning in a dishwasher is much more aggressive than cleaning by hand. The outer edge of the fine cutting edge will become slightly bent in the dishwasher and lose its optimum cutting performance. The blades are prone to pitting if highly concentrated detergents are used and the knives are exposed to hot steam for a long period of time. We therefore recommend cleaning the knives by hand under running water with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Dry the knives carefully after cleaning to avoid pitting on the blade.