Extended Range

The extended range consists of a range of utensils to satisfy the highest culinary demands. These will be in constant use in the professional kitchen; for special occasions at home and for particular preparation techniques.

Tourne Knife: With this handy knife you can cut, peel or prepare fruit and vegetables. The curved blade is adapted to fit to the material being cut, allowing quick and effective work. The blade's tip allows you to remove damaged areas or blackspots quickly and easily.

Decorating Knife: This allows you to cut cucumbers, carrots, fruit, butter or cheese into attractively rippled slices.

Carving Knife, serrated edge: The serrated cutting edge cuts off crusts and ends simply and quickly. Useful for roasts as well as hardskinned fruit and vegetables.

Filleting Knife, flexible: The thin, flexible blade allows easy filleting of fish and meat and removal of skin and fish bones. Fillets then look the way they should: appetizing and precisely cut.

Bread Knife, serrated edge: Special knife with serrated cutting edge for all hard and soft bread types - with a clean cut for uniform slices.

Salmon/Ham Knife, Kullenschliff: Salmon or ham slices look and taste better when they are cut paper thin. The knife is fitted with a flexible blade and Kullenschliff which prevents the fish or ham from sticking.