Verschiedene Messertypen von Friedr. Dick

Kitchen Essentials

High quality utensils are indispensable items in every kitchen. They fulfil your wishes and requirements for all the different stages of food preparation.

Paring Knife: Small, versatile and sharp. The paring knife is an indispensable tool for a wide range of uses in the kitchen. For peeling, small cutting jobs and decorating.

Boning Knife: For extracting bones, removing fat and cartilage. With its flexible blade, this knife adjusts ideally to the food you are cutting, removing neither too little nor too much.

Utility Knife with serrated edge: The pointed serrations on the blade are suitable for cutting bread, crusts, cakes and skins of fruit and vegetables.

Chef’s Knife: The classic knife and the heart of every professional kitchen. The most important kitchen utensil for a wide variety of uses. For mincing herbs, cutting vegetables, slicing and carving meat and fish.

Carving Knife: The smooth cutting edge and the thin blade easily cut roasts, meat and ham into perfect, thin slices and reduces the loss of delicious gravy.

Santoku, Kullenschliff: The classic Japanese knife for meat and vegetables. The Santoku is characterised by its thin blade with a tapered cutting edge which can even be used for embellishment. The knife's Kullenschliff keeps what you are cutting from sticking to the blade.