Professionell Schneiden mit Messern von Friedr. Dick

Professional cutting methods

Anleitung für horizontales Schneiden

Horizontal cutting, e.g. vegetables with uniform pressure from the top to the bottom, with the back part of the cutting edge.

Anleitung für den Wiegeschnitt

The rocking cut, rock the knife back and forth from the tip to the end of the blade. Suitable for mincing work, e.g. herbs.

Anleitung für einheitliches Kleinschneiden

Uniform chopping by short downward and forward motions, keeping the tip of the knife constantly on the cutting board. The hand holding the knife determines the width of the cut, the guiding hand with fingers bent and securely holding the food material is moving back for the next cut.

Anleitung für lange, nach unten und gleichzeitig nach vorne gerichtete Schnitte

Long downward and at the same time forward cuts, using the tip and the centre part of the cutting edge.