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Messer professionell schärfen mit Wetzstählen von F. DICK - Friedr. Dick

Professional sharpening

Good quality utensils need to be looked after and must be regularly sharpened. Through constant contact with food or the cutting board, even the best knife will lose its sharpness after a while. Every kitchen therefore needs access to a good sharpening tool as only sharp knives make cooking really enjoyable. Friedr. Dick has manufactured honing and sharpening steels since 1873 and is still a market leader in this field. 

Our Tip: Sharpen your knives like a real professional. Use a sharpening steel regularly, ideally before or after every single use of the knife. Don't wait until it is going blunt.

Wetzstahl von Friedr. Dick
Messer schärfen mit Wetzstähle von Friedr. Dick

Correct use of the sharpening steel: To sharpen the knife, draw the cutting edge several times alternately from the left and right along the entire length of the sharpening steel, ensuring the same number of strokes on both sides. Move the edge along the sharpening steel at an angle of 15 – 20°.

Cleaning/Storage: The cleaning of your sharpening steel is indispensable and keeps it hygienic sterile and functional. Incorrect cleaning can cause rust and selective corrosion that can even do damage to the sharpening steel. Therefore, we recommend using a mild cleaning agent and to wash the sharpening steel thoroughly with water. After cleaning, it should be wiped dry carefully by using a soft, non-fuzzing cloth. The sharpening steel should be stored at a dry place, preferably in a Dick – knife block. To preserve the magnetism of the sharpening steel, they must not abut one another.

Wetzstahl-Ersatz Rapid Steel von Friedr. Dick

Rapid Steel Action – the sharpening alternative: Draw the knife with slight pressure quickly and in a curved stroke through the gap in the middle of the sharpening unit. Repeat several times - you will have a sharp knife with a perfectly formed angle. Simple and safe sharpening which provides the ideal cutting edge.