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The knife: How you can recognize high quality - Friedr. Dick - Friedr. Dick
F. Dick Messer in unterschiedlichen Größen

The Knife

How to spot quality

Just pick up a common knife and hold it for a second; then a DICK Premier Plus. You can feel the difference immediately: cutting is now a pleasure. The Premier Plus is a thoroughly forged knife, perfectly balanced and ergonomically shaped. Just look at the form of the handle – unique. The special Dick manufacturing process fastens blade and handle securely together, without a gap. This means that, in contrast to handles being assembled, even the smallest residues of food or liquid are kept away. Another important feature is the steel alloy and the hardening process. Our knives are manufactured from the alloy X50CrMoV15, containing chromium for wear resistance, molybdenum for corrosion resistance and carbon for hardness, and because only a sharp knife is a good knife, each Dick knife is controlled several times before it leaves our factory. You receive perfect quality and can enjoy cooking.

Premier Plus: the sum of many clever details

1. You can tell the forged knife by its bolster, the thickening between the blade and the handle, and by its continuous tang. Premier Plus was developed for ideal balance, edge retention and ergonomic properties.

2. The stable back of the blade is used for fine gristle, for example, but also for breaking seafood shells.

3. Small vegetables can be cut and minced with the front section of the blade.

4. The curved blade design is ideal for both rocking cuts and slicing. This blade section allows cutting of almost all food materials.

5. The back section of the blade is used for cutting tough and difficult materials, as it allows easy application of force.

6. The wide blade side is also used for flattening and shaping prepared food. It also provides sufficient space between the hand on the handle and the cutting board.