Main course

Medallions of beef with sesame pastry and portwine sauce

Stuffed veal fillet with herbs on sauteed ceps

Glazed vegetables, sauteed ceps

Potato dough filled with millet

Medallions of beef with sesame pastry and portwine sauce

800 g beef fillet
400 ml beef broth
200 ml portwine
50 g mixed seeds (sesame, pumpkin seeds)
1 g thyme
50 g parmesan cheese
2 eggs
250 ml Milram cream
100 ml oil

Season the prepared beef fillet, fry briefly in the hot oil and then cut into medallions. Before serving the dish, bake it on the grill and sprinkle the sides with the chopped mixed seeds. Then serve on the portwine sauce.

Stuffed veal fillet with herbs on sauteed ceps

800 g saddle of veal b.k.
250 ml sour cream
5 g savory
10 sprigs of thyme
100 g pork caul
50 g potatoes
30 ml cream

Cut veal fillet in the middle, make a fine mousse, fill with freshly chopped herbs and wrap with pork caul. Cut into the fillet (6 decagrams), spread with prepared herb mousse and bake in the Convectomat (the meat should still be pink).

Sauteed ceps

400 g ceps
100 g shallots
100 ml sour cream

Sautee shallots and ceps in hot oil, season and add savory and sour cream.

Glazed vegetables

300 g celery
300 g carrots
300 g courgettes
20 g sugar
50 g butter
100 ml vegetable broth

The cleaned vegetables which have been cut into small pieces (dressed) are blanched and glazed in oil along with the sugar. Pour the vegetable broth over the whole mixture and finally add the herbs.

Potato dough filled with millet

300 g potatoes
80 g bacon
50 g millet
2 eggs
200 g flour
50 g butter
100 g fromage frais
20 g chives
20 g salt

Strain boiled potatoes through sieve, then add butter, eggs and flour and knead the whole together to form a dough. Cook the millet separately and allow to cool. Then add fromage frais, the minced bacon and egg. Roll out the dough, spread with the filling and roll into a roulade. This is then steamed. Finally add deep-fried potato chips with thyme as decoration.

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