About Alternatives

Depending on personal preference, you can use a sharpening steel, a whetting stone or an alternative sharpening device for re-sharpening. All are suitable for European and Asian blade designs. Sharpening tools with hard metal plates or wheels should never be used.

Handling a sharpening steel can be, under certain circumstances, time-consuming and complicated for inexperienced people; they do not always achieve satisfactory results. That is why Friedr. Dick offers various alternatives to sharpening steels.

The F.DICK sharpening steel alternative is a winner thanks to its handling: Simple and safe drawing optimally sharpens the blade. Place the knife on one side of the gap for precise guidance and draw the knife with light pressure in a curved stroke through the gap in the sharpening unit. The complete cutting edge of the knife is re-sharpened at the same time. Repeat this several times – you will then have a sharp knife with a perfectly formed angle.

Different Rods

The F. DICK sharpening steel alternative is available in various models for different applications:

Action Rods: Stainless steel sharpening rods with a wear-resistant, ultra-hard special coating for high abrasion. Sharpens blunt knives. Perfect for chefs. 

HyperDrill Rods: With super fine tension rods for straightening and smoothing the cutting edge. The cutting edge is gently honed and smoothed by the extremely fine cuts. The life time of the fine cutting edge is maintained for a long time.

Polished Rods: Perfect for straightening and smoothing the cutting edge. A smooth cut requires a thin cutting edge that rolls easily. For specialists, especially for processing meat.