How to clean your Sharpening Steel

In order to be able to use F. DICK sharpening steels for as long as possible, the most important thing is proper and regular cleaning.

Cleaning keeps your sharpening steel hygienically germ-free and functional. Please note that incorrect cleaning can lead to rust and pitting corrosion. This can damage the fine surface and even the sharpening steel blade over time.

F. DICK sharpening steels are dishwasher safe, if possible we recommend gentle cleaning by hand using a mild alkaline cleaning agent. Different detergents were tested for their effectiveness and suitability for sharpening steels in practical tests carried out under laboratory conditions – also in cooperation with different detergent manufacturers. 

Select a cleaning agent that is suitable for metal, and absolutely do not use acidic media or cleaning agents that could cause metal corrosion (follow the safety data sheet).

Only use a mild, alkaline and chlorine-free cleaning agent. Observe the correct use, temperature, dosage and cleaning time of the detergents. Please be sure to note the instructions for use. Do not use additional detergents. After cleaning, it is important to remove all traces of detergent from the sharpening steel. Use the rinse programme on your dishwasher to do this or rinse the sharpening steel thoroughly with water, then dry the steel with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Please note the following when cleaning:

  • only use suitable detergents
  • do not clean with a too high dosage
  • do not use acidic detergents
  • do not exceed the prescribed cleaning time
  • do not leave any traces of the detergent on the sharpening steel
  • do not continuously expose the sharpening steel to high moisture levels
  • do not expose the sharpening steel to fats, proteins and other organic contaminants for too long
  • rinse the sharpening steel as quickly as possible in the event of contact with spices/cooking salt
  • do not use metal brushes for cleaning


The use of sterilisers up to approx. 120° C in brief operation is suitable for cleaning your sharpening steel. However, afterwards sharpening steels cannot be exposed to any pulling strain to the handle; in other words, after being sterilised the sharpening steel cannot be hung up right away. First let the sharpening steel cool down before you put it to use again. Observer the operating instructions of the machine manufacturer during sterilisation. We recommend a cleaning temperature of maximum 70° C, then your sharpening steel can be used again immediately.

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