Our Sharpening Steels

How to spot quality:

Friedr. Dick initially started producing sharpening steels back in 1873 – and is still doing so today exclusively in Germany. The cuts  in the sharpening steel blade were initially applied by hand. Today’s steels are produced faster and with a consistent quality given the development of the company's own specially designed machinery and tools for producing sharpening steels. The long
history, tradition and knowledge identify Friedr. Dick as specialists in “sharpening and grinding knives”. We still produce and  manufacture the world’s finest sharpening steels today using our proprietary machines and technologies that were developed in-house.

1. Balanced taper towards the tip of the steel

2. Uniform cuts

3. Wear-resistant surface with a shatter-proof, tough core

4. Efficient surface protection thanks to galvanised coating.

5. More safety thanks to high-quality fittings.

6. Ergonomic and attractive handle design

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