RFID Knives and tools

Traceability and Quality Control Tool Management – Allocation of knives and tools through RFID

Food industry and smaller operation units have waited a long time for a solution like this. Knifeinspector easy is the perfect and reliable answer that helps to optimize traceability and increase efficiency
of tool management. Knifeinspector easy is based on the innovative RFID-Technology.

An uncomplicated and cost-saving control system which provides a full overview on your knives and tools regarding inventory, history, status and allocation to the personnel at the push of a button.

Knifeinspector easy consists of three system components:

All knives of the series DICK MasterGrip RFID and ExpertGrip RFID as well as particular sharpening steels and units and cut and stab protections are available with the RFID transponder and make the Knifeinspector easy system complete.

For more information please visit: http://www.rfidick.com