Professional chefs recommend knives from the Friedr. Dick company:

Surveys have repeatedly shown that many professional chefs are fans of the products supplied by Friedr. Dick. A few of them introduce themselves here and tell you what they think is special about F. DICK's knives.

Giulia Nardiello

Member of the Canadian Junior Culinary Team

"F. Dick knives are handmade German knives really made to last. They provide you with the highest quality tools for the use in the everyday home and professional kitchens. From the sharp edge it keeps all the way to the overall balance of it makes them well rounded knives. I am fond of the F. Dick Premier Plus Fillet knife for filleting sole fish as the flexible blade gives me the ability to get clean long strokes against the bones resulting in zero waste and a beautiful end product. I really love working with them!"

Santiago Cuyugan

Member of the Canadian Junior Culinary Team

"Having to practice so often, and needing to rely on my knives so much, F Dick superior knives were perfect for the job. They kept their edge for a long time, and made my job easier. With the privilege of getting to use F Dick knives, I really put them to good use. Very durable and comfortable to use, it is a product I would not have to think twice about purchasing for myself.“

Sebastian Frank

Winner "Koch des Jahres 2011" | Executive chef restaurant Horváth (Berlin)

"My first set of knives during my apprenticeship was, and still is, made by F. DICK. As a chef I have to do my work precisely and steadily. Thus, I need high-quality cutting tools that lie good in hand and stay sharp for a long time. The wide product range of F. DICK offers the right tool for each kind of work."

Wolfram Siebeck († 2016)

Cook Book Author | Restaurant Critic | Chef and Epicure (Germany)

“There can be no doubt about it – when you’re preparing food a good knife can cut the work by half. A top-notch knife can transform any chef, be it a professional or a layman, into a magician with a golden touch. Whatever he cooks turns out brilliantly – and looks totally simple at the same time. If he cares just a tiny bit about the aesthetics of an object, he’ll be holding a DICK knife from the Premier Plus series in his hand - and can be sure that he owns a quality product, handmade in Germany.”

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Ronny Pietzner

Executive Chef

“I use Friedr. Dick products as they perfectly fit the hand and do not cause any fatigue – I really enjoy working with them! Especially on the Premier Plus series it becomes apparent that the small subtle differences in this knife have the maximum impact in performance.”

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Uwe Staiger

Former Team Manager Culinary Team of the Master Association of Gastronomers (Germany)

“Friedr. Dick products offer the best possible support for a convincing performance during competitions on high international level – all you need for creative cooking!”

Tobias MacDonald

Team Captain Canadian Culinary Team

"The things I like about my F. Dick knives, let me count. The unsurpassed craftsmanship, the balance, and the edge, in the last months, not once have I needed to take them to the stone, just a few strokes on the diamond steel and they are as sharp as can be, I am especially fond of the serrated slicing knife, slicing through almost anything just like butter."

Mickey Zhao

Pastry Chef Canadian Culinary Team

"Being a Pastry Chef I use more than just knives every day. The other tools such as the garnishing set and spatulas are very easy to handle. Perfect tools to work with!"

Ryan Hopper

Combined Services Culinary Arts Team (United Kingdom)

„Myself and my squad of Military chefs have been using F. Dick knives for the past year and they have proven, beyond all doubt, to be in a league of their own. The grip, blade, balance and total feel of the knife feels like a natural extension of the hand, making even the most intricate job so much easier to achieve. The overall quote from my squad - the best knives they have ever used!“

Cathérine Kondé

Known from a German TV show

"During my career as Chef I always have used Dick products. The knives suit comfortably in the hand and have an outstanding design. I just have fun working with these products. Cooking without Dick knives -impossible for me!"

Slovenian National Culinary Team

"We work with products from Friedr. Dick for many years. They are comfortable in handling and of highest quality. In March 2008 we won several gold and silver medals during intl. competitions (with teams of more than 30 countries) working with Friedr. Dick products.”

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Martin Kobald

President of South African Chefs Association

"I would like to thank Friedr. Dick for their generous sponsorship of the sets of knives to the South African Junior Team for the WACS Congress in Dubai. The team members are thrilled with their knives and I am sure that this gift will go a long way to enhancing their performance and keeping their competing skills up to international standard."

Keith Armstrong

Executive Chef Piping Rock Club (Locust Valley, USA)

"I use Friedr. Dick paring knives, steels, small spatulas and other knives in my kitchen at the Club. I think their products provide high quality at a great price. I have been using them for a long time and will continue to do so throughout my career."

Rick Gresh

Executive Chef Saddle & Cycle Club (Chicago, USA)

"Friedr. Dick knives are well-balanced, keep their edge and give me a 'cut above' my competitors."

Jason Handelman

Executive Chef Fox & Obel (Chicago, USA)

"I love the 1905 Knife. It is heavy enough to have a great feel in your hand, but not too heavy. It has great balance, and keeps an edge very well. I keep it by my side in the kitchen at all times."

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John Cirillo

Executive Chef of Hilton Toronto (Canada)

"Your Rapid Steel is a great tool, it works well just need to get use to it. For so long I have been using a steel I'm sure that in time every cook will have one in their tool box. As for the Santoku with Kullen I love it! I have used it a lot I find it light, a great fitting handle and stays very sharp."

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Christopher Ennew C.C.C.

Executive Chef Ste. Anne’s Inn and Spa Grafton (Ontario, Canada)

"I'm also using the new 12' chef's knife at work every day, F. Dick has done a great job bring back a quality knife for chopping which others think a light weight will not do in my opinion. Premier Plus 12' Chef's Knife will always be at the top of its class with the easy to sharpen edge that keeps sharp for more than the competition."

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"The 12'-1905 Series, combo bread & pastry knife which is the most outstanding bread or pastry knife that I have had the pleasure to use in the last forty years of cutting breads or pastry (cakes).This knife has a presence when you use it for cutting breads, very thin crostini, crusty Italian bread and large rustic rye breads without force or hesitation, this bread knife 1905 series is for the serious professional."

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Barbara Bell

Executive Chef Hotel Affina (Chicago, USA)

"I have been extremely satisfied with my set of Friedr. Dick knives. They were the first professional knives I used when I began Culinary School. It was obvious from the weight and feel that they were of high quality, built to last a life time. I have been cooking for 14 years and my Friedr. Dick French knife is still my favorite."

Athol Wark

Executive Chef (Alice Springs, Australia)

"I am a professional Chef for the last 27 years and have used and are still using many Friedr. Dick products. Friedr. Dick products are the best knives our industry has ever seen and I will be a faithfull customer of the Friedr. Dick Corporation.

Most of my chef friends are using this product and agree with me that the knives are made from the highest quality steel and impeccable craftsmen ship for a more than fair price. Truly a product for a chefs life time.

Imagine the chefs profession without the Friedr. Dick products is impossible as they are known as the Mercedes of kitchen knives and tools and every chef on the globe values the constant high quality and beauty of the tools this company offers.

Friedr. Dick products will always be my number one choice!"