What means HRc?

HRc means Rockwell which is a common international scale unit for the hardness of technical surfaces. HR = Hardness according to Rockwell. c = cone, as the hardness test will be effected with a diamond cone.

Where can I buy DICK products?

Please send us your inquiry with the following details by our contact form: - In which products you are interested in? What is your postcode? We will be pleased to send you the address of a supplier.

From which material DICK hoof knives are made?

  • Types Ascot, Ascot curved, Grip-Master, Tradition, Gigant: CARBON STEEL
  • Type Economic: STAINLESS STEEL

What ist the difference between hoof knives made of carbon steel and stainless steel?

Hoof knives made of stainless steel will be blunt more quickly.

What does the user has to consider when re-sharpen DICK hoof knives?

  • Do never sharp the hoof knife on the outer cutting edge. Just re-sharp the inner cutting edge and after that even the outer face just once more.
  • The sharpening tool has to reach the exterior cutting edge.
  • The sharpening tool and the knife-edge need the right sharpening angle to each other (approx. 15-20°)
  • The knife blade loses the hardness if it gets too hot, which reduces the edge retention permanently. Long-term unregulated impact of heat affect in re-hardening the material uncoordinated which causes outbreaks and hardening cracks. 

Why is the diamond coated sharpening steel perfect for re-sharpen DICK hoof knives?

The oval shape and the short working area are perfect for re-sharpening the cutting edge and curve (chamfer) of our hoof knives. The top quality coating from industrial diamonds guarantees a very long durability.

What are the advantages of the DICK hoof rasps?

  • Very high and aggressive stock removal.
  • Outstanding durability and life-time.
  • Best chip flow

Where can I get information about my historic F. Dick products?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide information about your historic products.

We would recommend you to contact a qualified antique dealer for questions regarding the value of the knife, or the Blade Museum in Solingen for questions regarding the production period or for general information about your product.

I have problems with one of your products. What have I to do to complain it?

We assure you that we exercise the greatest care in manufacturing our products. If nonetheless you have any cause to complain: 

  • First of all you should report the circumstances to the dealer from whom you bought the product
  • If this is not possible, please send the product directly to:

Friedrich Dick GmbH & Co. KG
Esslingerstr. 4-10
D-73777 Deizisau

Please give a short description of the problem, and be sure to indicate your correct address.

  • Advance information may also be requested by e-mail from mail@dick.de.

Why do I not get an answer on my inquiry or question?

In our view, we owe an answer to everybody who contacts us. Unfortunately it is not always possible for us to provide an answer as a response may be prevented by minor technical defects in the system.

  • Please check to make sure that you have given us your correct e-mail address.
  • If you are working with a spam filter or a spam filter provider, please list our email address as a known or accepted sender...
  • This will ensure that an incoming e-mail will not be rejected (this applies to AOL users in particular)
  • Please check the size of your mailbox. It may be the case that we are unable to send you the documentation you request, as the capacity of your mailbox is too small.