Sauteed dishes have been lightly fried. The ingredients, which are thin or have been cut up small, are placed in a frying pan as flat as possible, and heated powerfully for a short while.

The name Convectomat comes from the Latin, and means 'hot air oven'. These professional cooking devices are most often found in large catering establishments. 'Combined steamer' is another current term, when as well as the circulation of hot air the device also includes a steaming function.

Blanching means dipping foodstuffs in boiling water briefly. Blanching gives meat a lighter colour and a firmer skin. The method is however most frequently used with mushrooms or other vegetables, in some cases with a view to disabling enzymes and so preventing the decomposition of valuable nutrients. The blanching process usually lasts from 10 to 30 seconds. After that vegetables in particular need to be quickly held under ice cold water, otherwise their colour, structure and taste may be affected. It is also advisable when freezing many kinds of vegetable to blanch them first, in order to slow down the ageing process. In addition the vegetables will retain their taste, colour and vitamin content for longer.

The term strain means sieving or pressing purees, sauces or soups through a sieve or straining cloth. This is designed to give the food an even consistency, by breaking down or removing the coarser components. Particularly useful utensils in this connection are the food milla fine straining sieve and straining cloths of closely woven tissue.

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