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How to select the perfect file?






File axis

A = Cut or total length, depending on file type

B = Width of flat side

C = Thickness of narrow side


Normally the measurements of lengths »A« are the cut lengths. In some cases lenght A is the total
length.The sections are to be measured on the widest point of the uncut file piece.

Cut counting method according

In the case of DICK workshop files, the number of cuts is determined according to the German DIN standard. For this purpose, the
number of notches per cm length is counted along the longitudinal axis. In the case of cross-cut files, this is done using the top cut.
To DIN-Norm (No. 8349 / ISO2342/2 / 1982E)

The Cut

The coarseness of a file is marked by a cut number. The coarser a file the more material will be removed.

Cut No 1 = coarse / bastard, for rough preliminary work and much material removal
Cut No 2 = middle / half smooth, for moderate material removal
Cut No 3 = fine/smooth, for finishing work or little material removal

Therefore, when choosing the cut the application, the material and the desired material removal have to be considered. The cut
number is directed towards the type of file, the length and the number of teeth per centimeter. To determine the number of teeth
of a file (German Scale of Cuts) you have to count the number of teeth parallel to the file axis 1 :
Normally files are cut with a crosscut A (i.e. with an up and over cut). The up cut is the cutting one, the over cut is the chip breaker.
By this crosscut the file achieves a good guidance. In contrast a lot of special files have a single cut B , which is an advantage
when sharpening saws. In case of rasps the teeth are cut point-shaped with a chisel (C). Thus the cut becomes very coarse, which is
especially used for rough surface finishing and much material removal of wood, aluminium etc.

Precision in perfection

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