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Sharpening knives with sharpening steel: the right technique - Friedr. Dick

How do I sharpen my knives on a Sharpening Steel?

Place the knife blade at an angle of 15° - 20° on the sharpening steel and slide the blade alternately to the left and right along the steel. It is important to use the same number of sharpening movements on each side. The sharpening movement has to begin with the end of the knife blade at the tip of the sharpening steel and be guided in a wide arc whilst applying light pressure to ensure that it ends with the tip of the knife close to the sharpening steel handle.

Messer richtig schärfen mit einem Wetzstahl

It is important that you alternate the side of the knife that comes into contact with the sharpening steel. In doing so, be mindful never to first move one side of the knife and then the other side of the knife several times along the sharpening steel. A curved burr will form towards the other side of the knife, which will remain after the last sharpening movement. However, only a very fine burr forms with alternate sharpening (also known as a thread), which is removed by bending it back and forth. It is vital to apply less and less pressure towards the end of the alternate sharpening movement to ensure that the fine burr becomes weaker and weaker.

Our tip:

Straighten the cutting edge again before or after each use with frequent, short sharpening. Do not wait until you feel that the cutting performance of your knife is declining.

Sharpening with a Sharpening Steel

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