White chocolate mousse with roasted hazelnuts

Raspberry ice on honey waffles with raspberry sauce

White chocolate mousse with roasted hazelnuts

250 g whipping cream
125 g white chocolate
50 g egg
15 ml creamy whisky
15 ml rum
2 leaves gelatine
25 g roasted hazelnuts
0.1 g cinnamon

Melt white chocolate, beat eggs to foam in a double boiler. Then add whisky, rum, hazelnuts and cinnamon. After stirring this very slightly, add the gelatine which has been dissolved in water and the white chocolate. Now stir well and add whipping cream. Pour the whole into a mould and place in the fridge to chill till firm.

Raspberry ice

200 ml milk
100 g sugar
10 g glucose
35 g milk powder
85 g whipping cream
250 g raspberry puree
5 g ice cream stabilising agent

Combine milk, sugar, glucose and milk powder and bring to the boil. Let it cool slightly, then add whipping cream, raspberry puree and stabilising agent and stir slightly. Put the mixture in the ice machine and allow to freeze.

Raspberry sauce

150 g raspberries
50 g sugar
20 g glucose

Boil raspberries well, with the sugar and glucose. Strain and allow the liquid to cook for a few more minutes till it thickens.

Honey waffles

1 egg white
138 g flour
50 g honey
15 g butter

Combine egg white, flour and honey and mix well, then add the soft butter. Spread the mixture thinly in any form you like on a silicon baking tray, and bake for 4 minutes at 195° C. Shape the waffles in any way you like while they are still hot.


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