MasterGrip Boning Knife semi-flexible
13 cm

Articlenumber 82882130-53
Blade length 13 cm
Width 2,20 cm
Height 3,60 cm
Length 26,30 cm
Weight 0,11 kg

Special tool for professionals

The knives from our MasterGrip series are specially developed for daily, concentrated work in the meat industry. The handle of the MasterGrip meat knives was developed and shaped by means of intensive practical tests and designed to meet the needs of cutting. The series includes boning knives with flexible, semi-flexible and rigid blades in two different blade lengths, in curved and straight blade shapes. The safety colours orange and yellow ensure high recognition even in hectic everyday life. 


Precise cutting edge geometry


Polished, stable, corrosion-resistant blade, X55CrMo14, hardness 56° HRC


No gaps


Side thumb rest


Open handle for all hand sizes


Non-slip, ergonomic plastic handle


Safety colours orange and yellow


You need a knife handle that lets you grip it in different ways, that fits almost seamlessly into your hand, no matter how you hold the knife handle? A knife handle that leaves you free of pain at the end of a hard day's work and that preserves your strength and protects your health? With the specially shaped, open handle of the MasterGrip, we offer a solution for all hand sizes and cutting edges. The reduced finger guard at the front and the open grip end make handling easy, fast and flexible. The knife sits comfortably and non-slip in your hand due to the handle design and high-quality plastic, thus ensuring precise guidance and improved efficiency.


For this series, we use exclusively high-quality knife alloys (X55CrMo14) and material compositions for the blade and the handle. The blade's balanced hardness of 56° HRC significantly reduces material consumption and ensures that the cutting edge has a long life time. For you, this means less sharpening. In our special hardening process, each blade is individually case-hardened and monitored – with optimum results in terms of hardness and structure. Each cutting edge is given a polishing finish: even sharper, even faster, even better – also thanks to the knife's cutting edge and blade geometry. With sharp knives at all times, you can save material and time, increase productivity and prevent accidents.


Thanks to the polished surface, less residue can adhere to the blade, making it corrosion-resistant and easier to clean. There is no gap at the blade exit from the handle, and the handle absorbs neither grease nor dirt. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and resistant to heat, shocks and abrasion. The MasterGrip knives have been awarded the American NSF seal for hygiene and quality.