ExpertGrip 2K Sticking Knife
18 cm

Articlenumber 82106181-66
Usage slaughter
Blade length 18 cm
Width 2,20 cm
Height 3,90 cm
Length 31,00 cm
Weight 0,13 kg

Hard core -soft shell

ExpertGrip 2K knives guarantee cutting that is easy on the joints. The butcher's knives are designed for daily, concentrated boning work for professionals in industry and butcher's shops. A special feature of the ExpertGrip 2K knife series is its unique open handle, suitable for all hand sizes and cutting styles. The shape and form of the handle guarantee effortless and painless work. 


Precise cutting edge geometry


Polished, stable, corrosion-resistant blade, X55CrMo14, hardness 56° HRC


No gaps


Two-component handle, hard core, soft shell


Optimized finger guard for more safety


Non-slip handle with unique feel


Open handle for all hand sizes


The unique feel of the handle allows you to grip with lightning speed and precision, increasing output and productivity. The knife fits comfortably and naturally in your hand, so you will feel less tension, strain and pain. Even when wet and greasy, the surface structure of the handle is particularly non-slip and the knife lies securely and firmly in your hand.

Thanks to the special manufacturing process – soft shell, hard core – there are no gaps between the blade and the handle, which prevents residues and bacteria from entering between the handle and the blade. The handle is easy to clean and resistant to heat, impact and abrasion.


For this series, we use exclusively high-quality knife alloys (X55CrMo14) and material compositions for the blade and the handle. The blade's balanced hardness of 56° HRC significantly reduces material consumption and ensures that the cutting edge has a long life time. For you, this means considerably less sharpening. In our special hardening process, each blade is individually case-hardened and monitored – with optimum results in terms of hardness and structure. Each cutting edge is given a polishing finish: even sharper, even faster, even better – also thanks to the knife's cutting edge and blade geometry. With sharp knives at all times, you can save material and time, increase productivity and prevent accidents.


Thanks to the polished surface, less residue can adhere to the blade, making it corrosion-resistant and easier to clean. Our ExpertGrip 2K knife series has also received the American NSF seal for hygiene and quality.

The ExpertGrip 2K series includes a selected range of blade shapes and blade lengths with a total of 18 types, including boning knives, butcher's knives and sticking knives.