Monday 01.07.2024

F. DICK SM-130 Wet belt grinding machine

The belt grinding machine with water cooling – grinding and polishing for professionals.


Bring back the sharpness with the SM-130! Whether hand knives, machine knives or tools, this wet belt grinding machine is the right choice for everyone. Your knives and tools will be super sharp again in no time at two stations: the grinding belt for re-sharpening and the polishing wheel for subsequent polishing of the cutting edge to achieve the perfect finish. The long grinding belt can quickly and gently apply a new, bevelled edge and grind out any damage to the cutting edge. Water cooling prevents the cutting edge from overheating and simultaneously binds the grinding dust. You can adjust the grinding belt with the belt adjustment to run in the centre of the deflection pulley. The belt grinding arm is infinitely adjustable and can therefore be adapted to all working environments. The machine’s design ensures that the entire blade can be fully re-sharpened from handle to tip. The cutting edge is honed and polished on the felt polishing wheel. The best way to do this is to apply some polishing compound to the disc. The perfect finish for your knives and tools! Of course, the grinding belt and polishing wheel can be easily replaced if necessary. In addition, our new machine boasts perfect sharpening performance and smooth running thanks to its low-noise, low-vibration motor. Sound good? Then take a look at our new SM-130 in detail or order it directly from one of our dealer partners.