Saturday 09.04.2022

Knife of the month April

All things new, all from scratch. Green. Red. White. Nature is awakening with its blaze of colour and with our desire for light, fresh dishes. No other vegetable arouses our spring fever more than radishes. The little radish tickles our taste buds in the new season – aromatic, sharp, perfectly round and healthy in a delicate red colour.


A perfect match for small vegetables and fruit is our knife of the month for April: the paring knife from the Red Spirit series. A kitchen without a paring knife is not a kitchen. Back in the French court, the chefs appreciated this small, handy knife with a 9 cm blade when it came to small and fine cutting, carving or garnishing tasks. This is why in some countries the knife continues to bear the term "Office" in its name, which is French for a scullery or food preparation kitchen. The knives in the Red Spirit series show a symbiosis of Asian spirit and high-quality German forging craftsmanship at Friedr. Dick. From the steel processing to the design and grinding of the blade. Everything is designed and manufactured in Deizisau / Baden-Württemberg. (Link to "Our values"). The blades are made of high-alloy stainless steel. The Red Spirit knives are designed for sharpness and are ground extremely thin. Their unique cutting resistance and easy guidance thanks to a round handle have impressed professional chefs for many years.

In the spirit of complete enjoyment, we have used the whole vegetable from the root to the leaf and are preparing our 2022 spring salad with the leaves as well as the fruit of the radish. A vinaigrette made with camelina oil and apple balsamic vinegar is a wonderful accompaniment to this fresh, fibre-rich salad. Do you want to get started in spring but don't have a paring knife to hand yet? Here is the solution.