Saturday 12.02.2022

Knife of the Month February

Frost patterns on the window, frozen red noses after a walk and the constant desire for hot dishes like soup, stew and sauces. Yes, it's still winter. Our bodies or rather our souls have cried out for cooked food since childhood. Earthy, warming and pure vegetables like potatoes or cabbage. Creamy white cabbage, savoy cabbage roulades, filled with juicy chestnuts, a spicy tortilla with fried green cabbage or homemade sauerkraut brimming with vitamin C - and because you've made it yourself and it tastes twice as good, you need the right tools at your side.


But cutting large cabbages for homemade sauerkraut with a small vegetable knife? It's really not much fun. We would like to introduce our next "Knife of the month": the Red Spirit Usuba. It is quite simply THE vegetable knife: a wide blade surface and an Asian inspired blade style – the Usuba is a basic knife in any Asian kitchen. Precise, quick and clean cuts are easy to achieve with the Usuba. The wide blade surface allows you to guide the knife easily and safely using the back of your finger, especially with vegetables such as cabbage.

The Usuba from the Red Spirit series is deliberately sharpened on both sides at Friedr. Dick so that the cutting edge of the knife is significantly less sensitive and stays sharp for longer compared to classic one-sided Usuba knives. Anyone who enjoys cooking vegetables and cooks a lot, for whom raw food is a big part of everyday life and who likes to cook authentic Asian cuisine will not want to do without a Usuba in their kitchen. 18 cm quality and sharpness for domestic kitchens. Cabbage julienne for a crisp Asian white cabbage salad – never cut as cleanly, neatly and effortlessly as with the Usuba. 

The combination of an Asian design and the German love of quality – in the Usuba – ready, let’s rock veggies!

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