Tuesday 31.05.2022

Red Spirit Little Chef Children's Chef Knife

It’s never too early – the F. DICK professional quality now also available for our little chefs

Cooking with children is fun. A healthy diet with freshly prepared food is important for more and more parents. Being creative with children in the kitchen and bringing the cooked food to the table afterwards is fun for both the young and old.


We now also want to offer our proven professional quality to our little chefs with the new Red Spirit Little Chef children's chef's knife. The chef's knife is an all-rounder and the most important tool for any chef - no matter what age - because it can be used in many ways.

The tip and end of the blade on the Red Spirit Little Chef children's chef's knife is rounded and therefore blunt to prevent injuries. The blunt tip of the blade prevents the child stabbing themselves or others. The rounded end of the blade will not injure the child’s fingers while they hold the knife.


The blade of the Little Chef's children's chef's knife is sharply ground like our chef's knives. This is also particularly important with a children's knife as cutting requires less effort and pressure and so the knife does not slip while the child uses it. Our F. DICK Red Spirit Little Chef knife brings safe fun for children to the kitchen and with a blade length of 15 cm is specially adapted to the needs of the little chefs. Little chefs also enjoy the great child-friendly motifs on both sides of the blade.

Our Red Spirit knife series has been inspiring both professional and amateur chefs for years. The Red Spirit knives are top quality with a distinctive look - made in Germany. They are made of high-alloy stainless steel and feature prolonged edge retention and excellent sharpness. We now also want to allow our smallest fans to experience this.