The best sausages are homemade

Friedr. Dick offers various sausage fillers for butchers as well as for amateur chefs and BBQ fans at home. This way you can decide for yourself which ingredients should be added to your perfect sausage and design your own favourite creation. Of course, all F. DICK sausage fillers are stainless and an extensive range of accessories and spare parts are available.

If it's about sausage

For years now, the hand-operated F. DICK tabletop sausage fillers have belonged to the basic equipment of every retail store with its own sausage production facilities. Its operation is intuitive and easy. The two-speed gearbox with a stainless-steel design meets the demanding requirements of professionals.

Hygienic and easy care

The sausage filler is easy to clean and absolutely hygienic. The plastic piston closes off against the cylinder by means of a rubber ring. The bleed valve is also made of plastic and designed in such a way that it can be removed for cleaning with just a gentle press from above.