Practice meets design 

We designed our Magneto Steel knife sharpener together with a design agency and shaped it in collaboration with cutting professionals. We then refined it even further by means of intensive practical tests. Ease of handling is also the benchmark for our Magneto Steel: a simple drawing motion leads to the optimum cutting edge. In addition, the integrated magnets guide the knife into the sharpening unit with angular accuracy. The result is a precise cutting edge with an optimum bracket. Another positive side effect is that the abrasive dust sticks to the magnets.

Magneto Steel is available in two different versions:  

  • Magneto Steel polish with polished sharpening rods for straightening and smoothing.  

  • Magneto Steel HyperDrill with ultra-fine cut rods for honing and smoothing. 


Form follows function 

The protective plates made of stainless steel guide the knife safely in the sharpening unit and prevent plastic cuttings in the meat. At the same time, the protective plates have a polishing effect without damaging the cutting edge of the knife when it is drawn through. The tried and tested design features of our knife sharpeners, such as tension springs without measurable wear and stainless steel sharpening rods, have of course remained unchanged. The mechanics of the unit are firmly closed, making it particularly safe from external influences.

The recessed grips on the front ensure optimum handling and a secure grip, even with gloves. Magneto Steel can be used as a hand-held device or attached to the workplace. For this purpose, two mounting holes are provided in the lower part of the device. The two mounting eyelets in the upper handle area allow the unit to be chained or secured with a lock to prevent theft.



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