Keeps knives sharp 

Our Master Steel is another member of our family of knife sharpeners. Like our other knife sharpeners, the handy Master Steel will impress you with its ease of handling. A simple drawing motion results in an optimum cutting edge. The centrepieces of this knife sharpener are the tension springs with no measurable wear, the tried and tested stainless steel sharpening rods and the unit's mechanics, which are tightly sealed and thus particularly safe from external influences.

Our Master Steel is available in two different versions: 

  • Master Steel polish with polished sharpening rods for straightening and smoothing 

  • Master Steel HyperDrill with ultra-fine cut rods for honing and smoothing 

Double protection 

The protection rods in the sharpening unit guide the knife safely and to optimum effect. They have an additional polishing effect without damaging the cutting edge of the knife when it is drawn through. Another advantage of the protection rods is that they keep plastic cuttings from the knife sharpener out of the meat. The recessed grips on the back of the Master Steel ensure that you have a firm grip even when wearing gloves. Master Steel can be used as a hand-held device or attached to the table in a holder.

Practical accessories 

As an accessory, we offer a holder that can be used in a variety of ways and is very easy to screw onto the workplace without the need for special tools. The holder allows you to insert the Master Steel in three different positions, frontally or with left or right orientation. This makes it easy to integrate it into the work process and it can always be positioned facing the user. The hole in the handle end of the Master Steel allows the unit to be chained or secured in the holder with a lock to prevent theft. 




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