Cutting and sharpening is our world

With centuries of experience, we have created a great variety of knives and tools. We have incorporated our knowledge of proper sharpening into the development of our grinding machines – and have been doing so for over 40 years now.

The right grinding machine for every user!

F. DICK grinding technology stand for expertise in sharpening. Each type of knife places characteristic demands on the grinding technology. To meet these demands, we have designed a wide variety of grinding devices and are constantly developing them further. 

Time for regrinding

After some time – depending on the stress applied – the knife can no longer be sufficiently sharpened with a sharpening steel or a knife sharpener. The stage has now been reached when regrinding on a suitable grinding machine is required. At the latest, the knife must be reground when the blade no longer glides effortlessly through the food to be cut and resharpening becomes necessary at increasingly shorter intervals and requires more and more effort. 

If you use the sharpening steel or knife sharpener frequently, the cutting edge angle becomes larger, i.e. blunter, with each sharpening process. The stage is then reached when regrinding of the cutting edge becomes necessary to achieve a professional grind and cutting edge profile. 

Areas of application for our grinding devices

  • Hand knives 
  • Cleavers 
  • Other machine knives