VIVUM Santoku, Kullenschliff
18 CM

The Asian classic - The Santoku with a Kullenschliff is suitable for cutting meat, fruit and vegetables. It is characterised by a slender blade with a V-shaped cutting edge. The Kullenschliff creates air cushions that reduce food sticking to the blade. The noble birch wood handle with its very special wood grains, make every VIVUM handle unique. The new handle shapes not only look impressive but also sit snugly in your hand. The ice-hardened blade with a hardness of 58 HRC ensures long cutting durability. The knives are therefore extremely sharp and ready for use in your kitchen and for barbecues around the world.
Articlenumber 83642182KH
Blade length 18 cm
Usage cutting
Width 4,80 cm
Height 2,15 cm
Length 31,40 cm
Weight 0,14 kg