Pink Spirit Knife Block 4Knives

Inspired by passion – the white Pink Spirit 4Knives Knife Block by Friedr. Dick You can feel the passion at first glance. Friedr. Dick combines quality, sophisticated functionality and clarity skilfully in this knife block. The white 4Knives Knife Block is supplied with four knives from the Pink Spirit series – the chef's knife (21 cm long blade), the Santoku knife with a Kullenschliff (18 cm long), the bread knife (26 cm long blade) and the paring knife (9 cm long blade). The thinly polished knives are uncompromising in their design when it comes to sharpness. The typically Asian handle also has an extraordinary feel. Created for precision work in the kitchen – a pleasurable experience.
Articlenumber 81772000-05-79
Width 12,50 cm
Height 41,50 cm
Length 24,00 cm
Weight 2,25 kg