ProDynamic Utility Knife serrated blade
11 cm

Articlenumber 85015112-26
Usage cutting
Blade length 11 cm
Width 1,20 cm
Height 2,10 cm
Length 21,50 cm
Weight 0,03 kg

Quality at a lower price

Now working in the kitchen is even more fun! You can choose between a wide range of different knife shapes to suit your cutting tasks. Most of the types from the ProDynamic series are available with different handle colours and ensure compliance with HACCP guidelines. 


Laser-tested sharpness


High-quality steel X55CrMo14, hardness HRC 56°, brilliant finish


Made in Germany


Full use of the cutting edge and easy resharpening


Non-slip, ergonomic handle without gaps


The steel X50CrMoV15 is the heart of the series. The laser-tested cutting edge guarantees a sharp edge and thus a consistently good cutting performance. This means you cut cleanly and don't crush your food. This preserves valuable ingredients and flavours of your food.


The full plastic handle is optimally adapted to your hand. The softer plastic handle gives you a comfortable feeling when cutting and the handle feels light and secure in your hand. The thumb rest optimises the grip when reaching over to weigh and chop. Your knife fits comfortably in your hand so you can work efficiently and accurately.


Each knife is inspected at the end of the production process against F. DICK's high quality standards. The blade spine is rounded, preventing cuts when you need to reach over. The knife falls from the back position and therefore increases work safety in accordance with the standards of the employers' liability insurance association.

Handling your knives

All F. DICK knives deserve special care and attention when it comes to maintenance. Never clean your knife in the dishwasher. Ideally, you should clean the knife immediately after use with clear water and then dry it with a soft cloth. You can find more information and useful tips on how to care for, store and sharpen your knife here.