Monday 27.06.2022

Knife Block 4Knives white

NEW: The knife block 4Knives from F. DICK now also available in white

The Germans' favourite colour in the kitchen? White, of course – and this has remained the case for decades. No other colour embodies more clarity, freshness and timeless elegance. The F. DICK 4Knives knife block is now also available in a fresh, elegant white colour and rounds off the popular knife block series.


The 4Knives knife block is one of the most popular F. DICK products due to its clear lines and well-conceived functionality. Four knives can be accommodated on the magnetic rail. The classic selection from F. DICK includes:

  • A paring knife, the all-rounder for all peeling tasks, small cutting work and decorating
  • A Santoku with Kullenschliff, THE Asian classic knife for meat, fish and vegetables
  • A chef's knife as THE basic tool for every cook and
  • A specially ground bread knife for bread/pastry products and hard-skinned vegetables


Depending on your taste, you can choose knives from the award-winning Red Spirit, Premier Plus, Pink Spirit or 1905 series. Of course, the 4Knives block can also be ordered in white without any knives.


The knife block is made of high-quality acrylic glass. The magnetic rail fixes the knife blades securely in place and allows an orderly arrangement thanks to its strong hold. Thanks to its light weight and unique closure system, it is easy to transport. The acrylic surface is optimally protected against scratching while travelling in the washable cotton bag that is included.