Saturday 15.01.2022

Messer des Monats Januar

Less is more. But here's hoping that things will be a bit better in 2022. At the beginning of the year, all our good intentions stack up in our heads: cook more ourselves, less waste and unhealthy habits in the kitchen, only buy good and high-quality food and products and perhaps a little less of everything. With our "Knife of the month" you can try something new and dare to prepare specific pieces of meat yourself. Move away from filleted meat to creating taste sensations? Then the boning knife from our 1905 design series is a must-have.


Its flexible blade may feel unusual in the hand of any amateur cook. But it is precisely this soft touch, this interaction and effortless adaptation to any shape that makes the boning knife so special. Cutting through the meat is the only way to detach and remove bones, fat and sinew finely, efficiently and cleanly. In the butcher's trade, the boning knife has always been a tradition and an integral part of everyday life. It is one of the most used knives in meat processing.

If you like to cook like a professional, prepare your own meat and delve deeper and deeper into the art of cooking, a high-quality boning knife will soon count as indispensable in your knife repertoire. The boning knife from the 1905 design series promises quality, tradition and a puristic design. The series is reminiscent of F. Dick's original knives from 1905 with solid collars.

The special feature: a forged and perfectly sharpened high-end blade. The unmistakable steel collars on the handle, which are securely fixed to the plastic, make the knife a very special eye-catcher. Tradition meets modernity. The traditional butcher's trade and hand-crafted cooking are introduced into our kitchens with the 1905-series boning knife.