Sunday 08.05.2022

Messer des Monats Mai

Whether we call it a barbecue, asado, barbie, braai or grill. Everyone around the world loves cooking outdoors. We are now in the high season and talking about the perfect steak again. Quality-conscious shopping and barbecue experience make a good to perfect steak – whether rare, medium or well done. For more information and tips from our grilling professionals.

Anyone looking for the perfect steak knife will be at the very forefront with our knife of the month for May. In the Premier Plus series, we have developed a steak knife for connoisseurs who value quality, sustainability and tradition.  Its dual style cutting edge make the difference: a serrated edge at the front to make it easy to cut crispy crusts. A smooth cutting edge at the rear that glides through the food being cut and does not destroy fibres. The blade is made in a design that a steak knife needs to be: short, narrow and pointed. It is made of the high-quality X50CrMoV15 steel alloy. Thanks to its high carbon content, this alloy ensures that the knife stays sharp for a particularly long time and has precise cutting lines.

The barbecue is ready, the steaks are bought and the anticipation is great? Then there is the perfect steak accompaniment for the table …  And don't forget to give your meat enough time to rest at room temperature before you put it on the barbecue. It will thank you with its tenderness, juiciness and pure taste.