Wednesday 22.03.2023

NEW F. DICK PURE METAL tablespoon – gentle curves and purist design

We have taken the first step in offering F. DICK knife craftsmanship for the table with the PURE METAL AJAX steak and table knife. The unusual design proved to be very popular and the demand for a matching fork was immediate, which is why we have been offering the steak and dinner fork as a second step since March 2022.

A spoon is also required to complete the table cutlery. Today, we are pleased to present the PURE METAL tablespoon to round off the collection.

The PURE METAL tablespoon stands out with its unusual shape and follows the clear lines and design of the PURE METAL series - here again, the focus is on purist industrial design.
Our PURE METAL tablespoon has a silky matt surface in tried-and-tested steel quality.

The distinctive bowl of the tablespoon is ideal for soups, stews or even desserts. The head of the spoon is referred to as the bowl in technical jargon. The weight of the spoon is evenly distributed so that it is well balanced and comfortable in the hand. Originally, spoons were completely round, modelled on a hollow, cupped hand. This has changed over time into the oval shape that they are today. We have enhanced the shape again to fit with the typical asymmetric design of the PURE METAL series. At first glance, the shape is uncharacteristic, but immediately impressive and familiar when used for the first time.

Friedr. DICK tools for chefs are the epitome of great tools and professionals have relied on their quality for decades. The years of experience in the design and production of high-quality chef's tools and their tough conditions in professional kitchens have been fully incorporated into the development of the PURE METAL table cutlery. Cutlery plays a big part in enjoyment at the table. Food is a feast for the eyes - and so is the setting as a whole.