Tuesday 21.06.2022

PURE METAL Steak- and table knife AJAX - multi-award winning!

Our steak and table knife impresses expert juries and consumers alike. The PURE METAL AJAX has received the Red Dot Award Product Design 2022 and the Kitchen Innovation Award 2022.

With around 20,000 entries from 60 countries, the Red Dot Award is one of the biggest design competitions in the world. The coveted Red Dot Award is the internationally acclaimed seal of excellence in design. The 48 international members of the Red Dot jury unite their design expertise that they have acquired during their careers as professors, consultants, designers or journalists. They examined each product that was submitted properly, individually and comprehensively. Only the products that impressed the experts with their outstanding design quality received awards. The award-winning companies are setting new standards in the design industry with their submissions.