For Alicia, cooking means creativity: Creativity in the development of recipes, creativity in the preparation but also in serving and photographing the meals. F. DICK's knives always assist her perfectly - not only do they look great, they also make it easier for her to work.

Alicia Testera,
Influencer and Food Photographer
#2 About the cooperation with Friedr. Dick

Passion for vegan cuisine

Alicia loves to take photos, cook and eat. She has turned her passion into a profession, developing recipes and photographing dishes and food. In doing so, she completely avoids all meat and, generally speaking, also all animal products. What she loves most is to convince even passionate meat-eaters with the taste of her dishes. Always by her side - the knives from the 1905 design series. The young influencer doesn't need much to be happy: People around her who are good for her and, of course, the right and healthy food. She told us what dish we can get her to eat in the middle of the night and what she can't do with knives. More information on Alicia at

What was the best meal you ever cooked? For whom?

When I've managed to "veganise" something I used to love and it tastes just as delicious, I'm usually pretty happy. I'm even happier when my dad, a true meat eater, is convinced. That was the case with my vegan scrambled eggs.

When you are given 2 additional hours a day, what do you do with the time?

"Me-time and self-care” - often don't have enough time for myself, alongside my work, family and friends.

What does passion mean for you?

For me, passion is something that comes completely naturally without any pressure. I am definitely passionate about photography and vegan cuisine.

What dish would you like us to wake you up with at 3 am?

French fries! That would always work. Especially at night.

An absolute no-go for you when cutting/using a knife?

Using knives that are too small. I get a crisis when I see people struggling with unsuitable, mini knives.

#3 My tools

Best knives for meatless dishes

Her favorite knife: the Santoku

If Alicia were allowed to cook with one knife only, her choice would be clear: She would choose the Santoku from the 1905 Design Series. "It's simply an all-purpose tool when cutting fruit and vegetables, it feels great in my hand and is simply perfect in size."

about the Santoku from the 1905 series

Knives for vegan cooking

In vegan cooking, fruit and vegetables usually play the main role. Thus, a small  paring knife for the small cutting tasks and a slightly larger chef's knife or, alternatively, a Santoku are constantly in use. A serrated knife is perfect for hard outer peels.

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Boundless creativity

Creativity is particularly important in vegan cuisine. Since many foods are not available for use, skill is required when picking substitutes. Be it lentils, tofu or special flavours and spices - you simply have to and may also be especially creative here! By the way, you can find out how to cut the food correctly in our cutting book.

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