The World Butcher's Challenge is more than a competition. It's about knowledge, networking and exchange. It's about celebrating the art of meat processing and proving your mettle. As a traditional brand used by professionals, Friedr. Dick is a partner of this community and of the competition.

World Butcher's Challenge
The world championship of butchers
#2 About the cooperation with Friedr. Dick

Passion for the butcher's craft

F. DICK is associated with the butcher's craft like hardly any other brand. Our butcher's knives - especially the ErgoGrip series - and our sharpening steels are in daily use in almost all craft businesses. So it is naturally a matter of honour for us to be a partner of the World Butchers' Challenge. However, we are not only a partner of the event itself, but also of almost all of the participating teams. For example, participants from the USA, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Iceland all rely on F. DICK products.

Every nation will be presented by a team of six members faced with the following challenge: in just 3 hours and 15 minutes they will need to break down a side of pork and beef, a whole lamb and five chickens, transforming them into a creative display of finished cuts and value-added products. The panel of experts will not only judge their skills and techniques but also the originality of the products they produce and how they present them. In addition to providing the equipment for nearly all of the teams, we also have the special honour of presenting the “F. DICK Knife Award” to the winning teams: the winner's trophy in the shape of a knife.

Yet the World Butchers' Challenge is about much more than competition. It's about learning from each other, gaining experience and being part of a very special network.

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#3 The competition

Faster, better, more creative - a living passion for crafts

Precise work

Every movement, every cut must be just right. Neither too much nor too little meat must be separated from the bone. Sharp knives and the right tools for quick, effective resharpening are an absolute prerequisite here and must always be at hand.

Team spirit

In addition to the right tools, the team is crucial in the competition. Not only do you have to be able to count on each other, but everyone has to master their task perfectly. Each team member has their own area of work in which they are unbeatable.

True passion

A lot of practice, a little talent, but above all lots of passion. The contestants have to work under enormous time pressure, but their passion for the profession, for the craft, is palpable every second.